The Museum Night

The Museum Night is an international event which Latvia also takes part in. It was initiated by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The goal of this campaign is to, with the use of democratic and unconventional methods, make the public pay more attention to the cultural heritage that can be found in museums. The Museum Night takes place on the Saturday that is the closest to the International Museum Day (19 May). Events of the campaign take place from 19:00 to 01:00.

Each year the Museum Night has a new motto. Latvia has been participating in the Museum Night since 2005.

Limbaži Museum has been taking part in the Museum Night campaign since 2006, and now it is one of the biggest events in Limbaži culture-wise.

Hanseatic Days

For many years the Medieval Festival is the summer’s main event, which is organised by the Limbaži Museum. Each year the celebrations take place on the first Saturday and are part of the Limbaži city festival programme.
Accordingly, on this day the castle mound is full of animal life: sheep, goats, horses and rabbits.
Medieval soldiers demonstrate their skill in archery, spear throwing, shield lifting, sword holding, etc.
Activities such as bronze casting and “ciba” (a small container, usually for butter) wattling from alder are taking place; things are made from birch bark, twine is being dyed with natural plant paints, paper making with greetings from the castle’s medical herb garden, fortune telling and healing amulets, etc.


Limbaži Museum together with the Children and Youth Centre organise Easter celebrations atop the Limbaži Castle mound each year. It includes egg painting, swinging and other activities. On this day, anyone interested has the chance to visit the Limbaži Museum exhibits and displays, as well as the Old Firefighter’s Depot in 3 Torņi Street. Happy Easter!