Medieval Castle Ruins

The old castle walls have borne witness to the times, when the town was still a member of the Hanseatic League. From the castle gate tower, containing the unique gates with intact fragments of the retractable portcullis – a view of the reddish roofs of the Limbaži Old Town. The surrounding scenery partially reveals that the castle is one of the oldest Latvian fortification buildings. It was once the residence of the Riga Archbishop, but nowadays, with a prior notice, a tasting of farmer’s goods from Limbaži area takes place in the apartments of the former Riga Archbishop.

Times of the Hanseatic League

During the medieval times, when surveying and allocating sites for construction and streets, the city centre was created to resemble an almost perfect circle. This radial street design has lasted up to the present. During the 14th century, the town was enclosed with a wall with three places for gates, through which to access the town. The old town wall has not survived, but the places for the gates are still known. It is interesting, that the church and castle were located outside of the walls. When in school, history can often seem boring, but actual historical buildings and places do attract and intrigue. The surroundings of the Limbaži Castle ruins are exactly like that: they are a host to many outdoor events – plays, concerts, and activities. The biggest of these events are the Hanseatic Days.