Items kept in the holdings are from the former Limbaži district area. The holdings have been forming since the creation of the museum in 1983, when culture-historical evidence was gathered of the whole former Limbaži district. Chronologically the holdings encompass a period from 2000 BC up until the present moment. Most of the holdings consist of materials from the 19–20th century, 98% of the items in the holdings. Since the 1999 reform and the museum now being under the municipality’s authority, more attention is brought to gathering and preserving culture-historical evidence of the Limbaži city, but the museum still collects materials on events and personas in Latvia, as well as the rest of the world, which are somehow connected with the former Limbaži district.

The biggest collections of the holdings consist of printed materials, photographs, various documents and manuscripts. A considerable amount of the printed material collection comprises personal libraries of the region’s citizens, gathered during the early years of the museum. Photographs and documents describe the life of the townsfolk, as well as the city’s development during the 19th – 20th century. They are the basis for research done on the themes for the museum’s regular exhibits and conform to the mission of the museum.

The archaeological collection mostly consists of findings from archaeological excavations in the ruins of the Limbaži Medieval Castle and the territory of the Old Town. The collection of construction materials includes materials found during the renovation of the Manor House, the dismantling of historical buildings in Limbaži and outlying region, as well as many construction materials that were found in aforementioned archaeological excavations. Most of the collections describe the life of the city’s and region’s inhabitants.

The art collection consists of artwork from the region by – J. Cīrulis, E. Vanags, V. Treijs, A. Duburs, J. Stegeters.


After filing a form describing the lending goal and term, the museum’s items are, for a period of time, lent to other museums and institutions to be exhibited. The museum’s items are not lent out if the museum cannot confirm that the borrower will be able to conform to the requirements of the item’s transportation and display.


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