The old Town Hall

For centuries, unique wall paintings were hidden from the public eye in the house of one wealthy Limbaži citizen.

Many painters have demonstrated their painting skill on the walls of two halls – their handwriting and techniques differ. Joinery designs have also been tailored to the interior; wood carvings on the door wings indicate adherence to the Rococo period. The impressive house of the merchant Braunschweig was the first stone house in the then Limbaži town, and was built after the devastating fire of 1747. Nowadays these wall paintings are acknowledged as art monuments of national importance.

Ships painted in pastel colours, cliffs, people, houses, sceneries: motifs as if from tales, as if from Flemish paintings... Such a mysterious world emanates from the mansard wall paintings of the said house. They were ordered by one of the Braunschweig family, of which there is little known information, but thanks to his artistic taste, his word is now often mentioned.

During an excursion of the old Town Hall you can listen to the story of how the building’s interior was restored and what is kept in the old safe. All you have to do is to book excursion at the Limbaži Museum.